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Ομιλία (αγγλικά) Υφυπουργού παρά τω Προέδρω με θέμα «Κύπρος – Κόμβος Αειφόρου Καινοτομίας και Επιχειρηματικότητας»

Επίσημο Δείπνο, 29 Σεπτεμβρίου 2016, Λευκωσία

Διοργανωτές: ΤΕΠΑΚ, Chrysalis Leap, Ενεργειακό Γραφείο Κυπρίων Πολιτών

Firstly I would like to thank you for the invitation but mostly thank you all for your contribution in changing the business scene in Cyprus. If efforts don’t come from the researchers in the academic world, in collaboration with the private sector we may not even talk about achieving sustainable growth.

And world history has proven that sustainable growth is synonymous to entrepreneurship and innovation.

For too long there was no real innovation policy in this country. We were entangled by the perception that public subsidies, often poorly designed, would automatically lead to innovation. This is far from true. Funding is of course an important parameter, but equally important is the collaboration between academia or education and business.

And this is what this government trying to do in the context of the Presidency’s Growth Reform, part of which is the Policy Statement on the Enhancement of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Cyprus. A policy statement which was prepared after intense consultation with the stakeholders, especially the business community, including startups, many of which were never consulted before by the government.

I am not going to describe the policy statement, which contains several concrete measures and initiatives, you may all find it on the Presidency’s website. As I am not going to talk to an audience like yours about the benefits from integrating innovation in all forms of economic and business activity

What I want to say is that in a country that has largely considered ‘entrepreneurship” and ‘the profit motive’ as something similar to an immorality, and the worlds “education” and “enterpreneurship” at least as incompatible terms, we are now trying to cultivate an entrepreneurial mind-set, promote entrepreneurship, and link it with education.

We are pleased to see that we are making significant progress. And I would like to congratulate the Cyprus University of Technology for its success in becoming a partner in the Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and also the Chrysalis LEAP for being already quite active under the Climate KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Community of EIT).

I reassure you that as a government we will continue to support everything worthwhile coming from the academic world or the private sector. Because you are not just stakeholders in innovation and growth. You, and not us, are the drivers of innovation and growth. As a government we should just do our best be the effective facilitators to your efforts.

Thank you all again.


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