EU Growth Strategy

At a Glance

The “Europe 2020” Strategy is the European Union’s growth strategy for the ten year period (2010 - 2020), aiming for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The “Europe 2020” Strategy sets three priorities that will help EU and Member States (MS) deliver high levels of employment, productivity and social inclusion. The Strategy sets five quantitative targets - on employment, innovation, education, social inclusion and climate/energy – to be reached by 2020.

Each MS has adopted its own national targets in each of these areas. The national targets set by Cyprus as well as their level of achievement so far are shown in the relevant Table. In addition, the Strategy defines seven flagship initiatives that will act as catalysts for achieving progress in each basic priority at national and European level:

  • Smart Growth
  • Innovation 
  • Education 
  • Digital Society Sustainable Growth 
  • Climate, Energy and Mobility 
  • Competitiveness Inclusive Growth 
  • Employment and Skills 
  • Fighting Poverty 


A brief overview of the Strategy

For the coordination of economic policies the European Commission has adopted an annual cycle for economic policy coordination, the “European Semester”. 

The European Commission evaluates on an annual basis progress in each country and issues recommendations. For more information with respect to the implementation of "Europe 2020" in Cyprus you may visit the website: EU2020 in your country. 

In addition, more general information on the “Europe 2020” Strategy and the "European Semester" can be found on the website of the European Commission. 

On 5 March 2014, the European Commission took stock of the implementation of the “Europe 2020” Strategy since it was adopted in 2010 till today and conducted a public dialogue on the Strategy and its further development during the period 5 May until 31 October 2014. More information on the assessment of the Strategy and the public consultation, the relevant questionnaire as well as on the main findings can be found on the website of the European Commission.

The team responsible for the Europe 2020 strategy undertakes the following tasks:

  1. Monitoring of the implementation of measures by the Ministries in the context of the national target commitments.
  2. Preparing the position of the Cyprus Government at European level. 
  3. Preparing the National Reform Programme on an annual basis. 
  4. Participation in the Economic Policy Committee of the European Union. 
  5. Participation in the Working Group on Energy and Climate Change of the Economic Policy Committee of the European Union.
  6. Participation in the bilateral meetings with the European Commission in the context of the European semester.



European Semester

All Member States (MS) have committed to achieve the "Europe 2020" Strategy objectives, which have been translated into national targets and growth policies. For the coordination of the fiscal, macroeconomic and structural policies of MS the European Commission has adopted an annual cycle for economic ...

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National Reform Programme

The National Reform Programmes (NRPs) are the basic instrument for the implementation of the “Europe 2020” Strategy at national level, they are prepared by national governments and submitted to the European Commission along with the Stability and Convergence Programmes (SCP) in mid-April. The NRPs ...

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