Call Center

The development of a call center is being promoted, in cooperation with the Public Administration and Personnel Department, that will act as a teleservice single point of contact (SPOC). Upon completion of the project, primary information (general information on the procedures and related forms) and secondary information (information on the status of requests) will be offered.

The Call Center is implemented in two phases:

Phase 1: From 02/03/2015, the Call Center is operated by the Citizen Service Centers (CSC). Citizens/businesses can call the number 1434 nationwide to receive the following services:

  • Information on the procedures for the 97 services already provided by CSC
  • Submission of applications for 18 (out of the 97) services, through telephone (see document below)
  • Information on the status of requests for a number of services provided by CSC.

Phase II: This concerns the operation of a permanent integrated solution for a Call Center, which will be operated by an external operator (outsourced), through the number 1434. The completed Call Center will be a communication center that will accept applications from multiple communication channels (telephone, SMS, email) and will provide the following services:

  • Information on the procedures for all the services that the public sector offers to citizens/businesses
  • Information on the status of requests
  • Information on the contact details of all government bodies (e.g. telephone numbers, postal addresses, URLs, etc).

Further exploration of the opportunities offered by the Government Gateway - Ariadni

More information and more public services will be provided online, in cooperation with the Department of Information Technology Services, through a more effective use of the internet. The Government Gateway - Ariadne, will provide: Information on the procedures for all the services that the public ...

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eSignatures and eAuthentications

The certificates for eSignatures and eAuthentication are the catalyst for carrying out public services completely electronically (electronically signed applications, electronic payments, electronically signed documents - equal to a hand-written signature etc). This issue is being discussed at a political ...

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Platform for the Digitalization of all schemes granted

The development of an integrated information system for the management of the grant schemes for enterprises is promoted in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism. The system will provide the possibility for on-line submission of applications, it will support the whole ...

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Web Portal for SMEs

With the aim to strengthen entrepreneurship and innovation, a web portal is being developed, in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy, Trade, Industry and Tourism, in order to provide information on business related issues (financing, procedures, laws, business events).  

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