Growth Planning

The Action Plan for Growth, which has been prepared by the Presidency, includes targeted measures in priority areas as well as  horizontal actions considered to contribute significantly in improving competitiveness and the business environment, creating jobs and achieving a more balanced growth model that is less vulnerable to external shocks.

The Presidency is working closely with other Services to implement measures in areas with significant impact on the economy, such as Tourism, the improvement of the business environment and investment promotion, as well as the improvement of the institutional and regulatory framework. In parallel, the Presidency monitors the implementation of several measures included in the Action Plan which fall within the competence of Ministries / Agencies. Additionally, emphasis is given on the systematic monitoring of the performance of Cyprus in a range of international competitiveness indicators, the evaluation and identification of problems and failures that impede growth and the promotion of structural measures and new initiatives/interventions to improve the competitiveness of the economy.

The objectives of the Action Plan for Growth and the changes promoted in its context, also form the basis for the preparation of the Government's Strategy Statement, which sets out the overall objectives and direction for the Strategic Plans prepared by the Ministries and other government services.


  • Tourism
  • Research and Innovation
  • Competitiveness Indicators
  • Transparency - Corruption

The progress reports of the Action Plan, which reflect the progress made in priority actions, are shown here:


Tourism constitutes one of the major sectors of the Cyprus economy and one of the most important pillars of the recovery process following the 2013 crisis. However, the sector faces enduring structural problems and erosion of its competitiveness. Recognizing the importance of reviving the competitiveness ...

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Research and Innovation

In order to enhance the performance of Cyprus in the field of Research and Innovation, in relation to other Member States with comparable levels of development, the reinforcement of the governance system is being promoted.

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Competitiveness Indicators

The systematic monitoring of the competitiveness of the economy of Cyprus is an important tool in the effort to improve the business and investment environment and a priority for the Government. To this end, a number of internationally renowned indicators, for evaluating the performance of Cyprus’s ...

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Transparency - Corruption

Corruption and lack of transparency impose cost on the economy as well as the society of a State. Corruption undermines democracy and damages social justice and the society’s sense of law. It also undermines the prospects for economic growth at both political and economic level.  For this reason, ...

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